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API Reference

k9 Security provides a REST API for you to trigger analysis on demand. In this section, we describe the supported use cases and endpoints, their inputs, and how to authorize your requests.

The production API is available at:

Note: All API endpoints require authentication.


k9 Security's API provides the following endpoints:

Use Case Endpoint
Get Access Capabilities GET /access-capabilities
Generate 'Deny IAM Admin' Permissions Boundary GET /policy/aws/permission-boundary/deny-iam-admin
Generate 'Deny IAM Admin' Identity policy GET /policy/aws/identity/deny-iam-admin
Configure Monitoring for Partner Account PUT /partner/{partnerId}/customer/{partnerCustomerId}/account/{accountId}
Delete Monitoring for Partner Account DELETE /partner/{partnerId}/customer/{partnerCustomerId}/account/{accountId}
List Monitored Partner Accounts GET /partner/{partnerId}/customer/{partnerCustomerId}/account
Trigger Analysis POST /customer/{customer_id}/account/{account_id}/analysis
Trigger Analysis for Partner Account POST /partner/{partner_id}/customer/{partner_customer_id}/account/{account_id}/analysis

Last update: May 20, 2024